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M.A.B.B.A. / C.B.B.F. / I.F.B.B.

Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association / Canadian Bodybuilding Federation / International Federation of Bodybuilding
The International Federation of Bodybuilding is the longest standing organization in the world representing and promoting bodybuilders, and now fitness competitors. Ben Weider is one of the founders of the organization, which has a 53-year history. 173 countries are affiliated with the I.F.B.B. each country running qualifiers for World Class I.F.B.B. Professional Competitions such as The Olympia, The Ironman Pro Invitational Men's Bodybuilding, Fitness International, Ms.International Women's Bodybuilding, Arnold Classic Men's Bodybuilding, Atlantic City Pro Fitness, Toronto Pro Invitational Men's Bodybuilding, Night of the Champions Men's Bodybuilding, Fitness World Pro, and Women's World Pro bodybuilding.

Many of these contests receive TV coverage and are well represented in most of the bodybuilding and fitness magazines such as: Flex, Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Ironman, Musclemag, and Hers. In Canada, each province has a provincial organization. Manitoba’s Association consists of a President, VP, Fitness Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director.

The Manitoba provincial association contacts are as follows:

Each province has qualifying shows for National Competition. In Manitoba two contests are available each year - the Novice (Provincial Qualifier) and the Provincials (National Qualifier).

Currently, in Manitoba the overall Men's, Women's and Fitness winners from the Provincials will be eligible for National competition for life. The first place winner in any weight category in bodybuilding or height category in Fitness (if applicable) is eligible to compete only at the next two Nationals and the next two World Qualifiers. If a bodybuilder comes in 2nd or 3rd at the Provincials they are only eligible to compete at the very next Nationals and the very next World Qualifier.

Once an athlete has qualified to compete at a National level they may be chosen to represent Manitoba at:

  1. The Canadian Nationals - winners may be offered Pro cards and then may move on to the pro shows mentioned previously.
  2. Canadian World Qualifier - winners may be selected to represent Canada at the IFBB World Amateur Championships.

    NOTE: Random drug testing is done by the Canadian Centre of Ethics (CCES) as arranged by the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF) following the competitors weight class or open class.

    Athletes who place at a National competition may qualify to compete in:
  3. North American Championships - winners of this show may also qualify to turn pro.


Please note: There are several other newer organizations promoting competitions in Canada that are not affiliated with IFBB/CBBF/MABBA. Rules and opportunities differ from one organization to the next - make sure that you are aware of these differences before you make a decision to compete. Currently, MABBA is the only organization with an official executive and a 41-year history in Manitoba.

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