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Posing Attire for Women’s Physique Class - August 3, 2016

It has recently come to the attention of the CBBF Executive that there has been some confusion on the rules regarding posing attire for Women’s Physique.

This is not a rule change that was recently implemented , this rule was in place last year for our 2015 CBBF National Events. We do understand that style evolves and suits can change drastically from year to year.

The CBBF proactively made the decision last year to limit connectors on Women’s physique suits to eliminate the possibility of suit malfunction for the athletes. Straps holding the top together or straps holding the bottoms together being constructed primarily of connectors have a higher chance of breaking in a Women’s Physique posing routine than on a bikini athlete as their posing has far less movement than a 60 second posing routine.

The following rule will be implemented for our 2016 Figure Fitness Physique event;


* Connectors that are stitched to the fabric of the suit are allowed.
* Connectors that are not stitched to the fabric of the suit will be disallowed.

We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused to the athlete’s .

Georgina Dunnington
CBBF Chairperson

Ontario Athletes Competing within MABBA - July 1, 2016
Ontario Athlete's Agreement between The Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association (MABBA) and The Ontario Physique Association (OPA) Agreement Form

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MABBA Competitor Funding Program - June 6, 2016
The goal of most competitors in our sport is to one day hit the national or international stage. Travelling to these shows is not an easy process and can be very expensive. The MABBA board recognizes the financial burden of travelling to national and international competitions and has implemented a new competitor funding program in order to provide financial assistance and increase Manitoba representation at these events.

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Banning of tans for CBBF events, 2012 and beyond
The IFBB has banned all tans that can be wiped off. An official will check the tan of all athletes backstage and if the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will be told to remove the tan before going on stage.

Important Info for Figure & Fitness Athletes ONLY
For individual poses, competitors will walk to centre stage and perform quarter turns the same as in a line up for comparisons. Except it will be without the instruction of the head judge and they will be allowed to bend one knee during side poses as well as look at the audience during the front and side poses.

Comparison poses will remain unchanged from past posing rules (directed by the head judge, knees together, eyes in the direction they are facing).

Mark Smishek
CBBF President

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