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Banning of tans for CBBF events, 2012 and beyond
The IFBB has banned all tans that can be wiped off. An official will check the tan of all athletes backstage and if the tan comes off by simply wiping, the athlete will be told to remove the tan before going on stage.

Important Announcement from CBBF President Mark Smishek regarding participation in non-CBBF affiliated organizations

Any CBBF member who is found to be working with or promoting organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF has contravened its rules and/or by laws and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Professional athletes, judges, and officials from organizations not recognized by the IFBB/NPC/CBBF shall not be permitted to participate in or to promote their organizations in any capacity at CBBF or CBBF sanctioned events or those events conducted by CBBF affiliates.

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to our sport. If I may I would like to thank you on behalf of the IFBB and NPC.

Mark Smishek
CBBF Chairperson

Photography Policies
MABBA's contest entry forms allow images of the bodybuilder/fitness/ figure competitor to be used by MABBA for MABBA use only. MABBA's official event photographer(s) is/are responsible for providing images for the MABBA website and/or any promotional materials; all images will remain the property of MABBA. MABBA makes every effort to ensure that any event images of MABBA athletes will not be posted on other websites or will be used to promote any product or service which has the potential to negatively effect the reputation of MABBA, or its athletes. With that in mind, event photographs of the MABBA athletes may be taken at any time by members of the audience, but those images cannot be used for any commercial use or personal gain of any kind without prior consent and/or authorization from MABBA. This includes, but is not limited to websites, produce or service promotion, or personal business promotion.

MABBA Photographer Rights and Responsibilities
Designated "Official" MABBA photographers is/are responsible for providing images for the MABBA website and/or any promotional materials, and any said images remain the property of MABBA.

Only designated "Official" MABBA photographers shall have access to:

  • the event athletes at the pre-registration meeting to offer their services,
  • during the events be permitted in the areas directly in front of the stage, and
  • during the events be permitted to the backstage areas.

Designated "Official" MABBA photographers are titled such for one-year. Each year, any photographers interested in becoming a Designated "Official" MABBA photographer for the year should apply to MABBA in writing with a portfolio. All qualified applicants will be considered, advised of terms, and then notified of appointment.

(This process is currently under review and is only provided now for informational purposes. More details to follow)

NO CAMERAS policy at the Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Provincial Qualifier and Provincial Championships

No photograph or video equipment may be used by any spectators while inside the main theatre to photograph or film any portion of the event being held. Spectators and competitors are welcome to use said equipment while in the foyer, vestibule or sponsor areas of the Pantages Playhouse. We thank you for your cooperation and consideration in this matter.

Bylaws have been amended - Sept 28, 2011
See amended bylaws

General MABBA Policies

1) All Competitors will automatically be placed on the Canadian Center of Ethics in Sport random doping control list for 18 months beginning the date of your last competition. Athletes are ultimately responsible for any prescription drugs, supplements, etc. You can contact the CCES at (613) 521-3340 if you have any questions or concerns.

a) This random unannounced testing is a fair and efficient way of providing tests for all athletes. Anyone refusing to be tested will be considered as a positive test 1st offence 2 year suspension, 2nd offence is a lifetime suspension

2) Any Bodybuilder wishing to compete at the Provincial Championships must have finished in the top 5 at a previous Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Provincial Qualifier Competition. The only exception to this is in the junior category where athletes must be under 21 years of age on the competition date.

Note: Competing as a Junior DOES NOT mean that you can continue to compete in the Provincial Championships, once you reach 21. You must qualify at a Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Provincial Qualifier Competition (top 5), to re-enter the Manitoba Provincial Championships.

Any Fitness Athlete wishing to compete at the provincial level must have competed at the Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Provincial Qualifier level.

a) All athletes on stage at the Provincial Championships have competed before at an elite level.
b) Athletes are better prepared for higher level competitions. If you have any questions about your eligibility please contact  the MABBA Executive Director. Renewing or joining the Association early in the year will ensure that you avoid disappointment.

3) Any competitor wishing to compete at any competition must have a current MABBA Membership. Please note - all memberships lapse on December 31st, of each year.

a) Having a current membership listing allows us to keep you informed of competition dates, Association Information newsletters and Rule & Regulation changes.

4) All members MUST keep MABBA updated as to any changes in Name, Address and Telephone Numbers.

a) Continued updated information.

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