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2017 Results > 2017 Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Fall Classic Photos

Women's Body Fitness
Body Fitness Class A
Body Fitness Class A
1st - Rachel Hogg
Body Fitness Class B
Body Fitness Class B
1st - Stefanie Krochak
Body Fitness Class C
Body Fitness Class C
1st - Kristin Haight
2nd - Utami Mccoshen
3rd - Christine Milinkovic
Body Fitness Class D
Body Fitness Class D
1st - Amanda Sobey
2nd - Andrea Bucklaschuk
3rd - Jodie Chartrand
4th - Lori Orchard
5th - Lana Jankovic
Body Fitness Master
Body Fitness Masters 35-45
1st - Kristin Haight
2nd - Stefanie Krochak
3rd - Amanda Sobey
4th - Rachel Hogg
5th - Jodie Chartrand

Women's Fitness
Physique Class A
Physique Class A
1st - Haley Gross
Physique Class A
Best Routine
Haley Gross

Women's Bikini

Bikini Class A
1st - Amie Warkentin-Ebanks
2nd - April Pangann
3rd - Kara Kolesar
Bikini Class B
Bikini Class B
1st - Sylvanna Luong
2nd - Tessy Mckay
3rd - Lidija Sabo
4th - Julia Chernetz
5th - Caitlyn Broschuk
Bikini Class C
Bikini Class C
1st - Lauren Murray
2nd - Christy Wood
3rd - Alanna Flom
4th - Crystal Solano
5th - Katy Unruh
Bikini Class D
Bikini Class D
1st - Breanne Bordush
2nd - Jenay Lillies
3rd - Carrie Bazylewski
4th - Kim Solypa
5th - Sheila Eason

Bikini Masters 35-45
1st - Melissa Gandy
2nd - Carrie Bazylewski
3rd - Jenay Lillies
4th - Marianne Goldsborough
5th - Sheila Eason

Men's Bodybuilding
1st - Mason Mathieu
2nd - Lance Dueck
3rd - Avontay Williams
Master 50+
1st - Gary Blad
2nd - Yvon Coutu
3rd - Dr. John Murray
Master 40+
1st - Michael Byrne
2nd - Michel Natividad
1st - Marvin Primolo
2nd - Kristopher Faires
3rd - Damanjit Randhawa
4th - Lance Dueck
5th - Michel Natividad
1st - Oladele Akano
2nd - Hassani Huseni
3rd - Adam Tressel
4th - Gary Blad
5th - Juan Erazo
Light Heavyweight
Light Heavyweight
1st - Matt Evans
1st - Dave Harms
2nd - Michael Byrne
3rd - Cameron Chorney
Best Poser
Hassani Huseni

Men's Physique
Class A
Physique Class A
1st - Anis Mrabet
2nd - Alex Manivong
3rd - Jungeol Bae
4th - Rylan Lewis
5th - Amine Mrabet
Class B
Physique Class B
1st - Kyle Humniski
2nd - Dawson St.Pierre
3rd - Tyler Mcculligh

Physique Class C
1st - Paul Tietz
2nd - Justin Barber
3rd - Jordan Pineau
4th - Steven Cecotka
5th - Matthew Lingwood
Class D
Physique Class D
1st - Donathan Penaranda
2nd - Matt Davis
3rd - Trevor Kouritzin
4th - Peter Proskurnik
Physique Masters-40-50
1st - Allan Titarniuk
2nd - Paul Rowsell
3rd - Peter Proskurnik
4th - Ken Iwaasa

Men's Classic Bodybuilding
Classic Bodybuilding Short
1st - Shane Black
2nd - Blair Decock
3rd - Robin Daniel Hildawa
4th - Mugaivka Kanza
5th - Justin Leoven Yuzon
Best Poser
Best Poser
Robin Daniel Hildawa

Other Awards - need sheets to do
Mass Meltdown Award
Kristin Haight

Photos are courtesy from Manitoba Muscle
To any competitor who forgot to sign up for the onstage picture package during the weigh-in but still wants to buy one, you can drop an email with your full name and competitor number to and we'll see what we have available.

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